One day Kabirji was wandering around the steps along the river (ghats) when he saw a body floating by. As soon as it touched him he came alive. It was a young man whom he took home and called him Kamaal (miracle). A king from Rajasthan came to Varanasi for a cure from leprosy. He was advised to meet Kabirji Maharaj and as the king went looking he accidentally met Kamaal on the ghats. When he asked Kamaal about Kabirji’s whereabouts the chela wanted to know the reason for his search. So the king explained the purpose of his visit. Kamaal told him that the task was so simple which even he, the pupil could cure him of; therefore he need not bother meeting the Guru. The king agreed to be cured by Kamaal; together they went to the river bank and Kamaal asked him to dip himself in the water while chanting the name of Shri Ram. When the king took a dip he was so cold that he barely called the name of Ram and jumped out. There was no visible difference on his skin. So Kamaal asked him to concentrate and chant the name of God with all honesty and sincerity. But again he was too cold to speak the name with any feeling. Now the pupil got so exasperated that he asked the king to allow him to help him. When the king went in for a dip Kamaal pushed and held the king’s head under water as a result of which the king called out God’s name in earnest, pleading to be saved. His skin cleared completely and he was cured of the dreadful disease. Quite pleased with himself the pupil went home to his guru Kabirji and told him about his success. After Kabir heard him he slapped the boy, scolding him for wasting God’s name three times for one man. He asked the pupil to go visit Tulsidas to understand the value of God’s name. Tulsidas told Kamaal to write Jai Shree Ram on a tulsi (holy basil) leaf and dip it in water and then sprinkle it on as many victims of leprosy. When he did that he cured about two thousand people. The overjoyed pupil returned to tell his Guru about his resounding success. Again Kabir slapped him and sent him to Surdas to fully understand the meaning of the name of God. Surdas who was blind asked Kamaal to write only half the name of Ram that is Ra to test its potency. Therefore with chanting just half of his name the pupil was able to cure thousands of people. Finally Kabirdas was pleased the pupil had understood the enormity of chanting God’s name.

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