The present is the source, present is nothing but the Truth.
The present is that from which everything emanates. The present is all, there is nothing but the present and the present is not this moment where you are sitting and doing something. All this is sheer memory and movement in time.
Present is not a moment at all and to say that live in the present does not mean that do what you are doing right now and think of this and that. All that is a very limited way of looking at thing. The present is what ‘is’. It is the Truth itself, the source itself.
‘वर्त्तमान ‘, the root word from sanskrit is ‘That which is’. वो जो ‘वर्तर्ा है’, ‘वर्तने’ का अर्त ही है ‘होना’, ‘That which is’.
And ‘That which is’ does not mean this room and the bodies sitting here.
The present is not a moment at all; it is not a part of time.
The present gives rise to time; it is not a point in time.
Present is the source of time.
Present is the source of everything.
Also, remember something. Present is there, mind is changing. Time is not flowing. It is not that time is flowing and this is the present, and this is the present but this is how our thinking goes. What are you doing presently? Presently, I am singing. What are you doing presently? Presently, I am bathing. What are you doing presently? Presently, I am walking. All this is the fallacy of language.
The present never changes. Mind changes and time changes. The present is always there at its place. It has nowhere to go. There is only the present.
So, when you say the present moment, probably you mean, right now this is the moment and there would be another moment, so the present moment has changed. The present never changes. And the present is not this that you are doing right now. The present ‘Is’, not this.
Whenever you will look at the present as the part of flow of time, you will be making a mistake because then you will keep changing the present itself. So, at 9 p.m., what is the present? 9 p.m. At 10 p.m., what is the present? 10 p.m. Now, this is foolishness.
The present cannot change its time, time changes, present remains.
Present does not mean that we are having this discussion right now, to be in the present means, listen to me attentively and this means the present. No, this does not mean the present. Present is not an activity. Present is not your being in this room. Present is a mystical experience in itself. Present is not a sensory experience that if you can see it with your eyes, then this is the present.
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