6 Perfectly Normal Things That Happen During Sex Which Every Girl Should Know About

1.Vaginal dryness: Many women experience dryness or irritation before and during sex. Lubrication is the key and it is time to engage in good old-fashioned foreplay. If you chose to buy a lubricant, ensure you perform a patch test before using it.


2.Squirting: Moving away from porn and adult magazine descriptions, squirting is another natural bodily action during sex. Is squirting the same as female ejaculation? There is significant scientific proof to say squirting is nothing but pee and is not correlated with orgasm. Female ejaculation (controversial and debated about till date) is a small amount of thick fluid secreted around orgasm. So is ‘squirting' just pee? Yes and no. It seems that squirting is for the most part urine. However, studies have found evidence that a smaller volume of fluid is actually female prostate secretion due to stimulation of the G-Spot. The debate continues and so should you with lovemaking.

To pee or not to pee:
 Most women experience the need to pee during sex. Unless you have not emptied your bladder before the act, this is merely a sensation heightened in certain positions, internal stimulation from penetration or when the G-Spot is stimulated. Forget the pee and have fun with the bee.

4.Sex headache: 
As sexual excitement increases, some women are prone to a dull pain in the head or the neck. I would welcome this form of ‘pain in the neck' and it is perfectly normal. The pain could get sharp around orgasm. Do consult a doctor if the headache is too painful, occurs too often and disrupts lovemaking.

5.Start of period:
 Even the most-planned cycle can have an unplanned start during sex. Period sex does not elicit the best of reactions from most due to preconditioned reservations. Once you are able to overcome these inhibitions, you will find that it is equally or more en

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