This Woman's Dizzying 'Rooftopping' Pics Are Both Brilliant And Scary

es, 'rooftopping' is a word and it is a thing and it is frightening the bejesus out of us. How far are you willing to go for the perfect shot? For Insta-famous Angela Nikolau, there's 'no limit, no control' as is evident from her stomach-churning photos taken on top of the world's tallest skyscrapers. 'Rooftopping,' explained.

The daredevil Instagram celebrity's feed is filled with jaw-dropping pictures that show her taking selfies, doing yoga, casually posing or simply chilling on top of some really tall buildings. Some pictures even show her hanging (literally) from a few of them.

Joining Ms Nikolau in her daredevil rooftopping is Russian photographer Ivan Kuznetsov who goes by the name Ivan Beerkus on Instagram.

And mind you, the pair does all these scary activities minus a safety harness or protective gear of any sort.

Take a look at some of Ms Nikolau's incredible pictures and videos. And please don't try this at home - or any tall building, for that matter.

1. Here they are, just casually climbing one of the highest constructions sites in the world without protection

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