There’s a widespread adage especially on whatsapp display pictures and status “Work hard in silence; let your Lamborghini make noise.” Going by this phrase, Gaurav Kashyap Dutta’s (Founder - Thelawala, GroomVroom & High Mate) parents were not even aware about his son’s venture until recently. At an age of 20, when others are busy guessing their future career options after graduation, Gaurav started his venture saving up his own money along with his studies. Thelawala is a bootstrapped startup which caters to the needs of Indian street food and fast food in general. Based mainly out of Jodhpur where he is pursuing law, Gaurav says, “One will be surprised how pertinent food delivery issues are in tier III cities. The common household name of popular food delivery services are unheard of; and if they happen to be present, they do not bother to deliver at the outskirts. That’s mostly where Thelawala found its niche. It is universally true that the food on campuses are barely edible.
Students crave for good food and Thelawala makes sure that it is made available, at affordable rates with no minimum order amount. From the very beginning, I wanted to do something on my own.”
His other projects too are at funding and pre-funding stage. From rising from very humble beginnings to starting his own ventures alongside studying at the prestigious law school, NLU Jodhpur , Gaurav is truly an inspiration for all those who regularly complain about silly issues.


Life is the most precious gift given to us by God. One certainly does not need to be a doctor to save a life. Instead one can be a blood donor. At an age where one is carefree Kiran Verma (Founder- Simply Bood) lost his mother. He realized the meaning of life at a very early age and took an oath to do something for the mankind. He shares one of the incident which provoked him to leave his job andstart Simply Blood. He says, “I got a random call mentioning somebody needs blood at a hospital in Delhi. After donating blood, I met the person whom I donated blood. I luckily managed to meet his wife. I was shocked to know that the lady sold herself to get the treatment done for her husband. She took him from Raipur to Delhi and the worst part was, my blood was sold to her for Rs. 1500 which I donated for free. I called the person who called me but he didn't respond to my calls. I realized the person was a tout who is doing black marketing in Delhi and also runs a blood donation society through their app and blood donation camps.”
Leaving a job and creating your own start-up takes a lot of courage. It is an eureka moment for that person when he/ she can see their dreams turning into reality. But if we go by the statistics, many of the startups just vanish within a small period of time and only a few ones survive till the end. 
There are many reasons for startups to fail amongst which, one of them being - lack of legal compliances. To solve this, Rahul Maheshwari and Rajshree Sharma have founded Tranxact, a platform for creative service providers and freelancers to access a legal and accounting framework wherein they can create invoices, contracts, sign them and keep a complete control of all their paperwork. The idea of Tranxact came to Rahul when he himself faced a similar problem in his earlier ventures.
He further says, “Hardly any design school, as an example, teaches its students the business end of collaboration. Out in the market, they start from scratch, Googling their way through invoices, the contents to be put in a contract, and so on. Consequently, there are payment defaults, work-scope related disputes, collaborations gone wrong, simply because neither of the side had knowledge or experience of safeguarding their interests through documentation.”
If your start-up is in its early phase or if it’s a growing one, you must surely log onto for all the legal and accounting compliances.

Getting bored from repeating the same dress in every second wedding, Mayank Saraf and Pooja Kapoor founded “The Renting House”. Their venture provides various dresses from contemporary style to Indian styles, colours, fabrics and embroideries on rent. Mayank, a businessman and Pooja, a fashion designer are a perfect combination for “The Renting House”. Mayank emphasises more on the right team over the right market and product. He says, “According to me all three are important but the most important amongst all is the right team, because a right team can make and sell any product in any market extremely well.” The duo is ruling the world of rental e-commerce within few months of launching their venture.

Pooja says, “The journey has just started for us. My passion and experience in spotting fashion trends and creating ensembles have given me the direction to boost proper self image and confidence of my clients and that motivation has directed us to bring out "The Renting House", it’s time to follow the trend of Rent and Return clothes instead of buying them” Have a distant dream to wear the dress worn by actresses in Karan Johar’s films? If yes, then just quickly log onto 

The more you spend time with your loved ones, the stronger is the bond which you share with them. Siblings share the most cherished bonds of all. From all those secrets, books and even to business. Yes, you read it right! One such example is of Aanchal and Ayush Poddar (Founders of 'The Messy Corner').

Subsequent to Aanchal’s graduation, she joined TCS. She was so fed up with her monotonous lifethat she skipped it and chose the untrodden path of being an entrepreneur. It’s all because of the family support that a handicraft personalized gifting company turned to a personalized travel accessories company. It is Aanchal’s creative instinct and Ayush’s business skills that drives the success of TMC. Everyday is a challenge for both of them. She shares an incident that is really hard for her to forget. She says, “I had received a message from my client stating that his passport was misplaced in the airport and as the passport cover was blue with his name printed on it, it became very easy for him to locate it.” She goes on to add, “TMC intends to create excitement before travelling”.

The Messy Corner is a personalized travelling accessories company. They create customized passport covers, pouches, credit card holders and so on.
So get your hands on these customized accessories right away and get ready for your next sojourn!
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