Chandra Nandini :Episode 9 of Chandra Nandini has revealed that she is nervous.

Chandra Nandini :Episode 9 of Chandra Nandini has revealed that she is nervous.

This new Star Plus program is going on in a lot of headlines today.People who are attracted to people are Chandulal Nandini, which is the program of Star Plus, people are watching it quite so that it is getting very good learning.For the first time Star Plus has brought a good program, which is attracting people a lot.Chandranandani is playing a very good role in it, seeing that she is telling the ladies that she is not less than anybody, she is doing a very good job, if she is seen, she gives a new face to the front and tells. That women are not less than anyone.

The latest episode started with, Chandra says to Panditji don’t you lie,Panditji says for what reason will I lie,she is bheemdevs spouse Savitri,nearby individuals additionally say that she is Savitri,baba strolls in and says they aren’t lying,Nandini races to him and embraces him,and says reveal to me reality who am I,Prabha,Nandini or Savitri,baby says I let you know, you aren’t Nandini.

Nandini says then for what reason did I long for Magad,baba says I dont know in regards to this however he is your husband,Chandra says where were you such a significant number of days,baba says in light of the fact that I was terrified for her life yet then I understood his changed nature and afterward educated about Savitri and she isn’t Nandini on the grounds that she is dead,Chandra says how could you.
Helena decides to take advantage of the situation and help Bhim Dev prove that Nandini is Savitri. Alice comes and informs Helena that Karthikey has agreed to give their relationship a new start. Dharma goes and sleeps on Bindusar’s bed. He wakes her up and asks her to get up. She refuses to leave. He tries to pick her up but falls on her instead. He asks her to lie down on the floor. Chandra comes to meet Nandini. She reminds him of his verdict and tells him that he should not have entered her room. Bhim Dev knocks on her door. Chandra goes and hides somewhere.

Dharma starts shivering because of cold. Bindusar asks her not to disturb him. She faints. Nandini tells Bhim Dev that he should not have come to her bedroom like this. He gives tamarind to her and asks her if she really doesn’t remember anything. She takes it and asks him to leave. He gets a feeling as if there is someone in her room. She asks him to leave. He hesitantly leaves. She goes and pulls Chandra up from the balcony and asks him to leave, too.

Chandra Nandini is a new offering of Star Plus, which is a wonderful offering, people are getting affected by it, I believe it is people who see it all.

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