Green Man Gaming launches Spanish and Portuguese sites for Latin America:

Green Man Gaming launches Spanish and Portuguese sites for Latin America:

Green Man Gaming has launched 2 new websites for the latin Amaerica which is in different languages.

Following the success of its English and German ecommerce websites, Green Man Gaming customers in key markets such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Mexico will now be able to browse and buy games in both Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition, Green Man Gaming has added 12 new local currencies and over 150 payment methods and card types for the region, including a partnership with Latin America's leading payment provider, BoaCompra. This encompasses Bolento Bancario, Servipag, Redcompra, Bancolombia and BCP Online. The two sites will also feature special localised deals. 

As part of its currency expansion, customers in Asia and the Middle East are also being catered for, with support for Chinese Yuan, South Korean Won, Turkish Lira, Malaysian Ringgit, Philippine Peso and the Indian Rupee also appearing as of today. 

"Following the successful launch of our first local website in Germany offering customers the ability to browse and purchase in their local language, currency and payment methods, the next step in our mission is to roll this out internationally and become the destination for global gamers," said Paul Sulyok, CEO and Founder of Green Man Gaming. 
“The introduction of 12 new local currencies on the Green Man Gaming store and two new websites in Latin America will play a significant role in helping us achieve this mission.”

Green Man Gaming’s international strategy was something we spoke to the retailer about in our interview with Sulyok earlier this year. We also asked the exec for his thoughts on the PC market and Brexit.

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