Sunny Leone ,did a disclosure about Navratri themes condom ed, in which something happened in Gujarat was a disturbance;

Sunny Leone ,did a disclosure about Navratri themes condom add, in which something happened in Gujarat was a disturbance;

Sunny Leone has done a very big disclosure which will also be astonished when you hear the time of Navaratri, he had added a condom, which has yet to be disclosed, there was some disturbance in Gujarat.

Sunny leone is an actress, had a amazing performance in the Indian reality show Big Boss.She is living outdoors, but seeing her life, she has not even fought less, she is also struggling in her life, even after coming to our country, she has made her a better place in the Bollywood industry but People still question on them.If seen, Sunny Leone has made a very good place in the Bollywood industry, and for some years now she is also coming in the reality show, which is making her a good place there too..In today's time, his popularity has increased so much that even a large number of people are gathered to see one glimpse of him. When he was asked to inaugurate the shop.There was a lot of traffic jam in the nearby big cities.Sunny Leone is the brand ambassador of a leading condom brand, recently called on Navratri Advertisement for the same brand.

Narendra Chaudhary, president of Hindu Yuva Vahini- that was protesting against the ad, had told TOI, “The message in Gujarati on the hoarding reads ‘Aa Navratri a ramo, parantu premthi’ – Play but with love, this Navratri. The insinuation on the hoardings from a condom brand insults the religious sentiments of Hindus.  if these hoardings are not removed immediately to take action against this activity.  While Sunny was only the face of the advertisement and not the actual brain behind its conceptualisation, she had to bear the brunt and people’s.

Sunny Leone has just told in an interview that he does not like to hear slangy things because he has now joined a family, he has a family and he has a lot of influence in him, if some dirty talk is heard against him
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