Facebook || Do you know this features,If not know then know about this features:

Facebook is the world's largest social networking site or the largest social network of the media. Because the most viral in today's time is on Facebook only. If there is any new news then first it gets on Facebook. This is a very good platform where all the people can share anything but it can be promoted but there are some disadvantages even some people are taking advantage of it. Some news has been heard from now that some features will be deleted shortly. Now let's see what the features are.

>>Features  :


A lot of people will know that none of us unfollows about this feature but we do not know anything about it or there is no notice that I have unblocked it but it is yet to know that an app on the Play Store Through which we can know who has blocked us.Neither do we ever know who has blocked us but by this app, we can get all the information. This will give us a notice so that we will know who has blocked us and who is unfriend.

# Delete, comment and tagging. 

Delete, comment and tagging delete if you have tagged someone in a post or have commented and liked it, you can track it as well as delete it in your profile. Go and go to the Activity Log. Here you will see Filters option. Tapping on it will show you the likes and comments written. Tapping on it will give you the option to delete.

#Profile Picture Secure:

Your profile picture is made secure because nowadays people are taking the wrong advantage of someone's profile, so Facebook has brought a new feature which will keep your profile picture secure. What will you do in the first thing you will have to go to settings then after the profile You will have to click on the photo you will see there will be a Turn on profile picture guard option on it, then after that you Pleated will be safe from all manner Profile of picture will not download anyone.
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